Elci Pack sells ideal packaging for their use in the ecological field. The company is able to customize big bags, bags and caps according to their destination and the material contained, constantly ensuring a maximum quality level and a high level of safety.

Being, for the greater part, products with a high level of danger of contamination, above all in the case of contact with the outside, a packaging system is necessary to allow their correct disposal.

The company fully respects the European directives on the subject and offers UN certified products, certified to ensure the transport of hazardous waste, submitted to acceptance tests and certifications issued by the institutions.

Our products are ideal for:

 Plant material or composting

  • Materials deriving from the reclamation of contaminated sites
  • Materials deriving from the reclamation of roofing and insulation in asbestos
  • Materials from waste-to-energy plants (ash)
  • Materials deriving from separate collection
  • Plant material or composting